Luxury Dishwashers

High-performing dishwashers are an essential tool for the modern kitchen. Our selection highlights the diversity of designs now available, including cabinetry integration, compact styles and machines with ample settings.

Miele dishwasher


The vast selection of pre-finished dishwashers allows you to select from models with precision polished exteriors, such as the professional appearance of stainless steel units. Pre-finished dishwashers feature a visible control panel along with an abundance of additional settings and program cycles for targeted dishwashing tasks. Fully-integrated models feature hidden controls completing the look of elegance and simplicity in the kitchen.
Cove  Miele  Asko

Panel Ready

For those who value a seamless room layout, panel ready dishwashers can contribute to the streamlined appearance of a modern home kitchen. Customized to integrate seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry, panel ready dishwashers share the outward appearance of kitchen drawers and cupboards, showcasing the ability of customizable overlay to assist in a unified kitchen composition.
Cove  Miele  Asko

Pro for the Home

In this selection of dishwashers, every aspect of functionality has been assessed for optimal performance and longevity, resulting in quality, energy efficient machines. Unlike conventional dishwashers, a load of dishes can be complete in as little as 10 minutes. Possessing distinct superiority, the dishwashers featured in Miele’s Pro for the Home line express an exquisite balance of professional function and fit with elegant design, dually adept for the domestic kitchen.

How Dish Care makes a difference

Catering to an inclusive spectrum of individualized style preferences, our collection of first-rate dishwashers demonstrates ingenuity and style, while remaining unrivaled in performance capabilities.