Premium Specialty Appliances

Craft a distinct kitchen oasis capable of transforming mealtime into an effortless operation by selecting the precise specialty appliances that are fit for the task.

Coffee Systems

Capable of crafting cappuccinos, lattes, and espresso shots that can please any palate preference, these sophisticated coffee systems are self-contained and user-friendly, emphasizing the freedom of enjoying a quality cup of coffee from the comfort of home. Featuring cleanup assist and accessories for foam and froth, including the ability to directly connect water lines to specific models, premium coffee systems are crafted with several stylish designs, convenience features, and installation options.
Wolf  Miele


Advanced ventilation systems control heat, grease, smoke and food odor to ensure the kitchen environment maintains excellent air quality. In addition to preserving the longevity of kitchen appliances, a home kitchen that is equipped with a premium ventilation system can successfully establish an air quality standard that is both safe and pleasant.
Wolf  Miele  Best  Vent-a-hood  Zephyr

Warming Drawers

Undeniably advantageous, warming drawers serve as an essential safe space for fully prepared meals to be stored and kept hot for several hours. Equipped with targeted settings capable of preserving moisture and freshness, warming drawers can be carefully fitted to cabinetry for a seamlessly finished look.
Wolf  Miele

How Specialty Appliances make a difference

Specialty appliances elevate the home cooking experience to allow for unique, professional techniques to be practiced in everyday kitchen rituals.