Premium Laundry

Whether taking on everyday tasks or tackling mass loads of laundry while hosting visitors, these top-line laundry systems provide the exceptional amenities desired for simplifying laundry to a straightforward science.


Luxury front loading washers offer a more progressive design style that assists in heightening energy efficiency and precision laundering. Premium washing machines provide explicit settings for accommodating the specific care recommendations of fragile textiles, including semi-automatic and fully automatic functions.
Miele  Asko


By perfecting the formula required for efficient drying –heat, air circulation and reduced humidity –the selected luxury dryers are equipped to process a variety of fabrics without risk of damage. Energy efficient and environmentally friendly, these modern machines rely on innovative mechanisms to deliver low impact drying.
Miele  Asko
Miele Iron System

Ironing Systems

With these exceptionally designed ironing systems, it’s easy to achieve a professional level of ironing at home while reducing effort and exertion. Complex settings, such as textile-specific temperatures, are simplified to create a user-friendly ironing system that is easily adjustable. Valuable features include ergonomic height adjustment, multiple steam settings, high contact pressure applications, and much more.

Pro for the Home

Process loads at an incredibly accelerated rate by investing in a laundry system that has been designed for optimization across every detail. By combining the most applicable features from both professional and domestic machines, these top-grade systems are catered to households that prioritize energy efficiency, time reduction, and precision heating to eliminate excess waste of resources.

How Laundry Care makes a difference

Sleek and modern designs are carefully balanced with excellent craftsmanship to make up an extensive selection of superior laundering systems for the home.