Premium Wall Ovens

Surround yourself with high-quality, professional grade tools in the kitchen by exploring the extensive collection of featured wall ovens and additional wall oven components.
Wolf convection oven


By establishing a steady circulation of heat, convection ovens enable greater temperature consistency for thorough and more even baking and roasting. Originally designed for use in professional kitchens, this air circulation technique makes it possible to cook multiple items on multiple racks at once without sacrificing quality. The heat consistency within a convection oven also allows for effective roasting at lower temperatures.
Wolf  Miele
Wolf steam oven


Built with an original design that includes an integrated water reservoir for internal steam production, steam ovens provide an alternative cooking process for home cuisine connoisseurs. Perfect for those who prioritize healthier meal options, steam ovens preserve moisture during the baking process, thereby allowing vegetables and meats to retain a greater amount of essential nutrients.
Wolf  Miele
Wolf speed oven


Accelerate home cooking by employing an oven that places a priority on speed without sacrificing performance. Speed ovens achieve aggressively accelerated cooking times by using a unique rotation of microwave, grill and convection settings. These heating functions are specifically formulated to match the type of dish being prepared to ensure accuracy and quality. Speed ovens also gain popularity in the home since they additionally function as a microwave, a broiler or a baking oven.
Wolf  Miele


Our collection of microwaves exclusively consists of luxury appliances sourced from first-class brands and manufacturers. Using a combination of time-tested techniques along with cutting-edge microwave radiation technology, these exceptional models deliver accuracy, efficiency, and dependability in the form of stylish designs that will complement any contemporary kitchen layout.

Wolf  Miele

Warming Drawers

Undeniably advantageous, warming drawers serve as an essential safe space for fully prepared meals to be stored and kept hot for several hours. Equipped with targeted settings capable of preserving moisture and freshness, warming drawers can be carefully fitted to cabinetry for a seamlessly finished look.
Wolf  Miele

How a Wall Oven makes a difference

Prioritizing efficiency, convenience, and exceptional performance, our selection of wall ovens highlights the intentional innovations that are available for creating a flawless arrangement of home kitchen appliances.