Premium Pro Ranges

Propel home cooking by having state-of-the-art equipment at your fingertips. A robust range of luxury cuisine crafting essentials is available, beginning with cutting-edge pro ranges.

Dual Fuel

By establishing and maintaining a fixed temperature, dual fuel pro ranges excel at achieving absolute thermal precision. Thriving on an internal system that circulates air evenly throughout the oven cavity, dual fuel pro ranges allow for more even, measured and dry baking competencies.

Wolf  Miele


Providing a moist heat, pro ranges that rely on gas are ideal for protecting dishes from excessive drying out. With air being circulated from the bottom of the unit, gas powered pro ranges are particularly advantageous for moist cooking, such as roasting.
Wolf  Miele


Relying on an electromagnetic approach to heating, induction ranges are equipped with a smooth top which facilitates direct heat transfer, resulting in more immediate temperature control. Induction offers many of the advantages of both convection electric and gas cooking while being very energy efficient for the home. This original technology is prime for cooks who thrive on a fast-paced cooking tempo and those who prefer the sleek aesthetics of a heating element with a smooth surface.
Wolf  Miele

How a Pro Range makes a difference

Approach baking, roasting, and the art of cuisine with renewed precision by picking the pro range that best suits your cooking style.