How Miele is Saving the Earth

Every year as the calendar turns to April, there’s a global nod given to the importance of preserving our home planet. Earth Day has been celebrated every April since 1970, and it’s earmarked as the one day we can collectively come together as a human species and raise awareness of the importance of environmental preservation. For Miele, a German-founded luxury appliance brand, every day is Earth Day as they abide by their brand promise of immer besser … “forever better.”


Since its founding in 1899, Miele’s commitment to excellence and sustainability has been to continuously improve with each new product release. As environmental awareness has evolved, so too has Miele’s commitment to do “forever better” by the environment. Today, known as one of the most sustainable home appliance brands, Miele incorporates that same commitment to improve in every facet of its business acumen. Here are a few ways in which this luxury appliance brand goes above and beyond for the betterment of planet Earth.

Net-Zero Waste

At the end of a Miele product lifecycle, the brand strives to incorporate retiring materials into the next generation of appliances in new and meaningful ways. The goal is to achieve net-zero waste, meaning nothing with the Miele name on it ends up in landfills.

100% Carbon-neutral

Miele is working towards 100% carbon-neutrality, ensuring that there is no negative impact on the planet through the brand’s product manufacturing, operations, or delivery. Moves like establishing smart service routes to optimize deliveries help ensure minimal emissions are released. Additionally, products are created with a dedication to quality and longevity, ensuring each appliance functions at its optimal performance for as long as possible.

Energy-efficiency Research and Support

Miele participated in the MIMO (Minimal Input, Maximum Output) Solar Decathlon project in 2022, during which the brand co-developed a heat pump system that puts to use appliance-generated heat to warm and cool a home. The competition was the first time in which the heat pump was installed in a home-like structure and is now being tested for future use. By participating in and testing ideas in such initiatives, Miele underscores its dedication to the advancement of energy efficiency initiatives.

Impactful Partnerships

While Miele is dedicated to its own eco-responsible initiatives, the brand also works alongside other brands and businesses to make positive impacts on the planet. For example, it has partnered with fast food giant McDonald’s to create a grease recovery system that turns oily waste into biofuel, thereby drastically reducing the amount of grease released into drains and waterways.

From bee-keeping initiatives to supplying appliances for a fully sustainable pop-up home, Miele is on the front lines of preserving the earth. To learn more about the brand’s dedication to sustainability, visit To select the Miele appliances that will make your home a more sustainable, eco-friendly space, stop by Distinctive Appliances, where one of our sales professionals is happy to introduce you to this brand.